Childhood books

I have loved reading since I was very little.I would read everywhere I went and I think I got that from my Dad who I have fond memories of sitting in his arm-chair with a book. I want to share with you my favourite books and authors. 🙂


download (4) Mr Twiddle provided me with endless hours of giggling, I’ll never forget the one where he kept finding pound coins in the garden! Alas… his pocket had a hole in it and it was always the same pound coin!


blyton_2139517iThe famous five! Oh how I loved their adventures I remember sitting in bed and reading these old editions with just a red cover. I adored them and would read them absolutely anywhere!

848ceabdf181b15048f580c0a972fcef This is an all time favourite of mine. The wind in the willows are just amazing, I love the stories and all the characters (badger is my fave) A favourite of mine and my Dad’s it is an all time classic.

images St Clares! I remember sitting in my childhood back garden reading these on a summer’s day and loving them so much, they made me giggle I loved them to no end.

9780001857131 The chronicles of Narnia, a big chunk of my childhood goes to these and into my adult life too. I remember listening to the audio book of the magicians nephew over and over again and loving it. I adored Aslan in the lion the witch and the wardrobe and the entire story.

Brer_rabbit_and_the_tar_baby_1971.jpg This book I believe was the first one I ever took out of the library and the one I can remember being read to at bedtime. I loved Brer Rabbit!

download (5) This is the one I remember my Dad reading to me and doing all the voices, I loved this story.

download (6) I first got into Nancy Drew when I was in year 6 of primary school so I would have been about 9/10 years old. These books made me find my love for mystery! I have loved anything to do with a mystery ever since!

download (7) The shivers books still to this day scare me to death! I love them though I adore the feel of them and when I first started reading them they were nothing I had ever read before. They were something new and exciting it was like “horror” for kids!

download (8) Anastasia Krupnik, told me it was okay to have spots, like boys, have awful clothes, strange thoughts and be a little bit nerdy 🙂 For this I thank her!

They were some of my childhood books, yes SOME! I read loads as a child! Did you spot any that were your favourites? let me know in the comments! I would love to hear about them!












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