March reading wrap up

This month has been a rather slow one for me I haven’t read nearly as much as I should have done although we do have another four days to go so there is time! Below I shall talk about the books I have read this month 🙂


23266378  The next together by Lauren James. This book is like no other I have read before and I adored it was simply wonderful. I have never heard of a book written like it, I was captivated! The story itself flips back and forth from different periods in time, these being 1745, 1854, 2019 and 2039. Katherine and Matthew are destined to be together and each and every period in time, the question is why do they keep dying and why do they keep being brought back? What is their purpose?


download (1) Since you’ve been gone by Morgan Matson. In a well-ordered universe……I’d post pages and pages about this book 🙂 I loved this book, it made me feel like I was a teenager again. It’s a story about just how important friendships are and how they should be treasured. Emily is shy she isn’t out going like her best friend Sloane, Sloane makes Emily fun and interesting (or so she thinks) so one day when she ups and leaves no word about where she has gone or when she is coming back Emily begins to panic. Who is she without her best friend? Sloane has left Emily a to-do list, things she would never ever dream of doing, and here begins a story of new friendships, love interests and learning who are.

download (2) Kindred spirits by Rainbow Rowell.This is a short story Rainbow Rowell released for world book day. It is such a sweet little story, but now I want to know what happens next! Elena has loved star wars since she was little she grew up with star wars but none of her friends like it. So she decides to go alone to camp outside the cinema for a few nights before the new film. She meets new people and has an interesting “toilet” experience. It is well worth a read!

download (3) Girl in the mirror by Cecelia Ahern. This book consists of two short stories both of which I find a little creepy but wonderfully magical! Lila’s grandmother hold a secret, and she has kept this secret for many years. Lila must not find out about this, else she shall find herself in danger! The second story is called The memory maker, They say you never forget the first person you fell in love with, but what about when your memory starts to get fuzzy? some people would do anything to stop this happening…….Both of these were lovely little stories! Okay maybe not lovely, more like creepy little stories!

So there you have it those are the book I have read so far this month! Let me know what you’ve been reading!






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