Reading slump

I am in a nasty horrible reading slump and that is because my anxiety is very high at the moment because of not knowing the outcome of some things. I won’t know the outcome for quite a few weeks so I can’t see this changing any time soon! My Mr keeps telling me things like “Why worry about something that hasn’t happened yet” “Are you really going to put your life on hold till you know” Argh sending me insane!

I am in the middle or should I say I have gotten 14 pages into The unforgotten by Laura Powell and it looks AMAZING but my brain won’t be quiet long enough! I cannot stand this feeling I feel like my head is going to explode I am sooo worried I know that the worst outcome is going to happen to me and I know it’s my own stupid fault but arghh! Sending me insane!

Anyway I hope you are having an amazing reading time and getting lots of reading done feel free to pop by and let me know what your reading! Just because I can’t do it myself doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear about it!  images


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