Am I the only one who can’t get The cursed child today?

So today is the long awaited release date of the cursed child by J.K Rowling. I have been so excited for this ever since it was announced like really really excited. Alas today I am too poor and for the foreseeable I am too poor, now this is sad and I am really REALLY bummed out by this but I am forcing myself to see the positives! This now gives me time to re read all of the Harry Potter books which I have been dying to do and then move straight onto the cursed child which shall be fun,maybe it shall have gone down in price by the time I can actually afford to get it and then I shall be able to read it without all the hype around it. These are things I keep telling myself whenever I see a post on instagram,or snapchat or a youtube video about it, I keep repeating all these things over and over again. It’s not working….I’m still like meh! but I am trying my hardest. I know I am not the only one out there is this position, so if you have reading this and your in the same situation as I am know you are not alone! It may seem like all your friends have it and are reading and posting about it but there are some of us who feel exactly like you do. Keep repeating all the good things about this and maybe, possibly we shall enjoy it more after having to wait a little while longer 🙂


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