My top 5 books I have read this year so far

This idea has actually been stolen from Benjaminoftomes. If you click on his name it shall send you to his Youtube channel and I highly recommend you watch his videos as he is rather awesome.

I have read some amazing books so far this year so this has been so very difficult for me but here is my list! In no particular order 🙂

  1. 25111004Fallen is in a house fire that happened a couple of years before this story takes place. She has been scarred for life, but more than that it has taken away her confidence and her life she once knew.She meets the amazing Ben,who in just one day shows her there is hope for her.Fallen is due to move to New York the next day and Ben is set to be a novelist.They part ways to live their own lives and agree to meet up once a year on November 9th without having any kind of contact in between Of course this doesn’t go entirely to plan  I mean what did you expect?! This book is just so amazing, I can’t even begin to describe it some of these scenes were just toe curling. This is the first book by Colleen Hoover I have read and It won’t be my last.
  2. 6936382 Anna is less than pleased about being set away to boarding school in Paris.This is until she meets the funny and charming St Clare. One slight problem,he has a girlfriend. This is such a lovely summer read. I love how it flowed and the whole story was refreshing. I how how Stephanie Perkins describes places and makes you feel how you are right there in the moment. In fact I adored this entire series.
  3. 23438288Celestine is perfect,perfect life,perfect boyfriend everything about her is perfect. Until she witnesses something which questions everything she has ever believed in and lived by.She breaks the rules and now has to live with the fact that she could now be deemed as flawed.Cecelia Ahern is my favorite author, I love all that she writes. I must admit I was a little worried as I believe this book is nothing like any of the others she has written. She wrote this book amazingly, it had me absoultely hooked.
  4. 15507958.Lou Clarke the bubbly,the real,the not perfect Lou clarke lives her life as she always has she has a nice little job a long time boyfriend and lives with her family.Lou looses her job and nothing is simple from there on.Will Traynor’s life has been turned completely upside down after being hit by a motorcycle he can no longer do anything he once loved doing and doesn’t see any point in living at all.What he doesn’t know is Lou is about to burst into his life,with her infectious laughing and her bubbly personality but is she enough?Nothing I can say will describe how I feel towards this book.I devoured it in one sitting.They are characters which shall stay imprinted on my heart for years to come
  5.   16101128 When the first wave happened they were put into darkness.After the second only the lucky managed to escape and after the forth nobody knows who they can trust any more. Cassie runs and runs from those who are taking her loved ones.Those who kill anyone who gets in there way,they show no mercy. Cassie is determined to find her little brother,she has no idea where he has been taken but she will find him.Is Evan Walker her only hope? or is she to trust no one and go out alone. This book! it had me on the edge of my seat,I loved it. It made me cry,made me laugh and had me questioning my own thoughts and feelings throughout.



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