Life thoughts

If I had a pound for each time that someone has told me that I need to get a life because I spend it with my nose in a book I would be very rich. I have been in a reading slump so therefore I have been spending my life for the last few months doing things that other people who don’t read do. Things like worrying (anxiety related) but the main one that really made me think my god I need to get a life is facebook stalking I mean seriously. I have spent weeks looking at what other people are up to and having “life envy” but I’ve come to realise that it isn’t actually life though is it. Like I post the occasional thing on facebook. I went to see Biffy Clyro live recently and had the time of my life. I was tagged in all the photos etc etc and it looked AMAZING what wasn’t documented was the intense panic attack I had while waiting. The worry about upcoming things that I felt. The fact that I couldn’t completely enjoy myself because of the things I have going on in my head. Nobody knows these things,they know the things we choose to show them. I have never felt like I needed to “get a life” so much as when I go through the “new posts” on my facebook. I felt like a slave to my phone and a slave to the society we now live in.  Instagram I love, because I feel like that is opening up new things to me as I love to follow bookstagrammers. So I find new books and new peoples photos I like. Its talent, it isn’t mindless oh look this is what I’ve done today. Will I delete facebook,I very much doubt it. Will I stop fixating on it? Yes. Life has taken a huge turn in the last month and so many things have changed but out of it I have realised how much I am loved and how much support I have. I wish I had known this before. This is what I shall now be focusing on,family,friends and not what someone that I used to go to school with years ago has posted on facebook.


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