Things someone with mental health issues would like you to know at Christmas time.

  1. We know it is Christmas day,our brain doesn’t rewire itself for that day though,the issues are still there so no matter how much you say “but it’s Christmas” It doesn’t make a difference as much as we would love a day off.
  2. Looking at me while I unwrap your carefully chosen gift for me sends my pulse racing as I am attempting to choose the correct facial expression for this moment. God help me if I don’t know what it is
  3. I love you all dearly I really do,but you all,in one room,talking a million miles an hour usually rather loudly is scary and quite frankly I could do with sitting in a corner with a bottle of vodka and rocking back and forth
  4. Christmas dinner,YAY….are you staring at me? Is there something stuck in my teeth? Omg am I making odd noises….did I just accidentally kick you under the table?
  5. Christmas games. Do I have to speak? Move? Pretend to know what I’m doing? Does it require a skill such as adding up? Hello panic attack!
  6. Toilet breaks “AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING” Um “the toilet I’m sorry,I won’t” *Sits down refuses to move for another year*
  7. Do you want a drink? No thank you. Do you want some food? No thank you. Do you want anything? No thank you. Repeated every 15mins
  8. Karaoke *hides in toilet*
  9. “Did you like the gift I got you?!?!?!?! *dies inside as you can’t remember what they got you as your rather overwhelmed by the whole day*
  10. I would absolutely love to make your Christmas by being the person you think I should be,nobody else wishes I was that person more than myself but unfortunately you are stuck with this version. Trust me I’m aware it sucks.

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