Reading goals for 2017


I can’t control things that are happening at the moment,I can however control rehabilitating myself. Which includes getting back into things I genuinely LOVE. Such as reading 🙂 So here are my goals for 2017!

  • To read for at least an hour a day
  • To read at least a book a week
  • To update my Instagram regularly
  • To find 3 new (to me) authors
  • To update my blog at least once a week

I think these should be easy enough to achieve and so I am not stretching myself too far as I shall have alot of other goals to reach in 2017. I can do it. I am not finished yet. I made a mistake and I shall pay for that for the rest of my life. I am so much more than the person I became in 2016. My mental health shall be stabilised in 2017 and I will spend the year sorting through all my problems. I refuse to bury my head in the sand anymore.




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