Tips on how to read more

I am so very good at dishing out the advice but I very seldom follow it. So I am writing this for all of you but really I shall be attempting to follow it myself! 

  • Always ALWAYS have a book,ereader,app on your phone like Kobo/kindle to read on. Then if your waiting for a bus,waiting for a friend,stuck waiting for anything you have a chance to read!
  • Spend less time on social media,I mean really come on lets be very honest here how many hours do you spend just stalking people? I mean really did you REALLY need to end up on that person you used to go to school with sisters,cousins,best friends profile page? Did you? and how many hours did you waste doing that?  Did it achieve anything? Nooo but did you know you could of read 50 pages in that time of an amazing book! #
  • Read before bed even it is only going to bed 15mins earlier so you can read some more what would you normally be doing? Playing games on your phone or watching tv?
  •  Read for 10mins before you get out of bed in the morning (for me this isn’t an option,I spend that rolling around in an anxiety fit)
  • Audio books! Oh how I love audio books,you can get into a story while doing your chores or exercising! You can even listen to one while driving to work.
  • Finding it a chore to pick up your book,not enjoying it as much as you should? PUT IT DOWN! Find one you can’t stand to put down! 
  • Set yourself out a list of things you need to do for that day,once thats done you know you can settle down with your book without the nagging feeling you have so much more stuff to be doing. 
  • Going to have your hair done? Take your book! maybe colours only you don’t want to seem rude! 
  • Set goals such as I will not move until I have finished 20 pages then get up get a drink,go for a toilet break sit back down and say right another 20 pages. If your anything like me within 100 pages you will be hooked! 

There are my top tips now if I could only get myself to follow them…….


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