Books I didn’t enjoy that much in 2016

Okay so in 2016 I read quite a few books,not as much as I’d like but quite a few! Some I loved and some I found a little MEH! These are the ones I found a little MEH!


16131489 I was so excited for this book SO excited,unfortunately I am not sure if I made it into something it couldn’t live up to in my head or if it just wasn’t as good as the others. All I seemed to get was cringe worthy moments and something that didn’t capture my imagination!

6567453 I had heard the most amazing things about this book but alas I was left very disappointed. That being said I did enjoy the last bit of the book! I didn’t connect with any of the characters that being said I didn’t find them unlikable! I just overall felt a little meh about this one.

4374400 I had wanted to read this book for years, I had dreamed about it and was so excited. The hype was far too much I think! That being said I don’t know if it is just my age,and actually this book was aimed at people much younger than myself as I felt someone possibly 14 could relate much better than I could.

There we have it,those are the books I didn’t enjoy as much of the rest I read in 2016.I read a total of 33 last year so I think that loving 30 books out of the 33 isn’t bad at all really! Come and tell me yours come on don’t be shy! 



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