How to get free books

Ah a free book,there is nothing like a free book I always had this thought that free books were rubbish ones that nobody wanted WRONG sosososososo WRONG. Below are my ideas on how to get your hands on free books!

Book swap club! Start your own book swap club,have any books you no longer wish to own,or ones you know you will never ever touch again. SWAP everyone is happy!

Goodreads giveaways! Enter anything that takes your fancy! and if you don’t know about goodreads. Please leave.No don’t not really stay but PLEASE look up goodreads 🙂

Kindle – Don’t own a kindle but own a smartphone thats all good download the kindle app,there are LOADS of free books!

Kobo – Same again don’t own a Kobo but own a smartphone download the app!

Gumtree – If you are in the UK get looking on gumtree for free books!

Facebook sites – If you know of a Free to collector facebook site for your area use it!

Library – Okay so you can’t keep them,but you will still be able to have amazing adventures FOR FREE!|

If you know anymore let me know below! 🙂


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