Why I love to read

I have always loved to read for as long as I can remember. Curling up with a good book has been my most favourite thing to do. There are a thousand reasons why but I will give you just a few.

  • An escape from reality,life has dealt me some pretty shitty straws and some days I just want to run away. So I pick up a book.
  • You can live as many lives you want to,just pick up a book!
  • There is absolutely nothing that feels better than looking at all the books in the library
  • Maybe sitting at home and seeing all your collections is amazing too though!
  • There is absolutely nothing like a book boyfriend,I also have a real boyfriend,but book boyfriends are so amazing
  • I just love to curl up with a blanket,and a cup of tea,and just spend the afternoon reading and living in my own little world.

Some people love to have a life full of things to do,people to see,places to go. I love nothing more than to step into a book. Theres lots of things to do,plenty of people to meet and an endless amount of places to go.

What are some of your reasons for reading?





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