Trouble by Non Pratt – Spoilers beware

I love how refreshing this book is it when it comes to reading about a teenage pregnancy. Hannah is 15 not with the father we find out,although we don’t find out who the father is until much much later on. She loves the attention boys give her and thinks nothing of sleeping with Fletch who she doesn’t even really like. She overthinks situations and deep down you learn to realise who she really is and who she would really like to be,instead of this reputation she and the rest of her school have given her. Along comes Aaron,son of the History teacher who has just moved from his old school but won’t give away any details of why. He’s detached and nothing like anyone that Hannah usually gives the time of day to. He has a different outlook on school and everyone around them from Hannah and in my opinion gives her another view on life. He steps up and offers to pretend to be the child’s father. Along the way we see Hannah struggle with the pregnancy and everyone else’s thoughts and feelings about her. We also get to know more about the mysterious Aaron.

I didn’t think I would enjoy this book because lets face it I am 26 years of age and relating to a 15 year old isn’t exactly my speciality but I loved it absolutely loved it. The only thing that really got me was the ending. I would have liked to have seen her enter into motherhood and see what happened with her studies. I would also have liked to have seen what happened with her and Aaron in the long run,did they end up together did he raise Hannah’s child as his own. I had hoped that maybe they’re had been a second book but alas nothing has popped up. I gave this book Four out of five stars,as you’ve guessed it lost a star because of the ending. I enjoyed this book and it has been one that has stuck in my head for ages afterwards.




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