My issue with Soulmates by Holly Bourne – Spoiler alert

So today I have finished reading Soulmates by Holly Bourne. What an adventure that was,but I have a rather large problem with this book. Surprisingly enough it isn’t the ending,well of course I wasn’t overjoyed that they couldn’t be together in the end but that isn’t my major to do. My issue was the mental health side of things. So Noah has depression he suffers with depression and you get to hear a little bit about it when him and Poppy get together. Poppy suffers with panic attacks. As someone who suffers panic attacks and depression I of course was drawn in by these parts of the characters lives. To then read that the only reason Noah has depression and Poppy suffers with panic attacks is because they’ve been too close to one another was kind of like a slap in the face. To me personally it kind of felt like that then took away that whole part of the story. The part that I was rather invested in as I really wanted to know about how Noah learnt to cope with his bouts of depression and how Poppy learn’t to control her panic attacks and how they both grew with that. In my personal opinion I believe that the author didn’t need to make it so that these parts of the characters lives completely changed,I feel that it would have added more to the story to have had those things kept in and spoken about a lot more. This is just me though,and I completely understand that I am not everyone! Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? 16099393


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