Gilmore girls A year in the life – With spoilers

I am late to the party as usual,but that doesn’t stop my excitement. I have just finished watching all three episodes back to back and here were my thoughts

  • Rory doesn’t seem like Rory – Thats because she is now 32 years of age,although after the first episode she became much more Rory like!
  • You cannot be the other woman, you were not built to be the other woman.
  • You cannot treat another human being this way (Paul was that his name?) Rory could never do that
  • Where is babettes husband
  • Why is Dean only here for 10 seconds
  • SOOKIE hold on why isn’t she at the smaller wedding
  • Secret bar I love it!
  • I love how everything is basically the same
  • Oh come on I want to look at how the flat above lukes now looks
  • Taylor hasn’t found a boyfriend
  • Omg emily just said bullshit!
  • I miss Richard
  • Hehehe! Lanes dad hehe
  • Mrs Kim is the same as always
  • Let me see Lanes children whereeeee are they!
  • I really wanted to see Georgia!
  • Excuse me is that all we are going to see of April!
  • This is finishing far too soon
  • Why aren’t they eating in lukes? WHY
  • I wonder who wrote that letter then?
  • LIFE AND DEATH BRIGADE I love themmm
  • Chilton ❤
  • Ah Paris you haven’t changed a bit!

There is loads more to tell you but I believe thats enough for now otherwise I can go on forever! Let me know yours?


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