Social media is ruining my life

Honestly, I am not even being dramatic here are reasons why social media is ruining my life

  • Oh look so and so has gone to “insert wonderful place here” Not that I’m jealous or anything…..
  • Oh look so and so has had ANOTHER baby. Here I am with 0….
  • Oh look so and so has a brand new job. GAH
  • Let’s join this group for help about tax credits yay, lots of helpful people….oh…wait…..SUSAN HAS HAD ALL OF HER MONEY TAKEN OFF HER. That means its definitely going to happen to me, doesn’t it… Seriously? I was better off when I didn’t know about these things and then I could avoid the several week worry and anxiety mixed with headaches and cold sores until it just happens.
  • Oh, thank you, friend. You haven’t replied to my melt down, but I can see you read it. She hates me, she can’t stand me, she wishes she had never met me.
  • Posts something I find hilarious, oh just me then…..kay.
  • Oh your debt free how delightful, I have another 89 years to go…
  • You’ve tagged me in THAT photo, thanks….that was….yeah very kind. GAH

There are so many more but thought I would get this off my chest now before I go insane…..


Books I have read so far this year

These are the books I have read so far this year, I have been branching out of my normal reads, most have been an amazing read but I wasn’t too sure on the Sabrina graphic novel, maybe they just aren’t for me? What have you read so far this year?


I am so very wasteful

I am sure we can all relate to this but I am honestly absolutely shocking. It shames me to admit that the only reason I have actually thought of this is, of course, money worries (trust me we have ALL been there) I can’t go anywhere without spending money it seems and this really needs to stop. Not only that though I am wasteful with food and electric this is shocking when there are people in this world who do not have these kinds of luxuries. I am also wasteful with the opportunities that surround me. I have the internet at my fingertips but instead of using it properly I sit and worry about things instead. To sum this post up I need to put down my thoughts and see if there’s anyone else out there who thinks like myself?

Life has this funny habit

I have been dying to get back to this for ages now, but something keeps cropping up. Work has been hectic and we have just come back from a weeks holiday so as from tomorrow, life should settle down again and I can do lots more reading and reviews. I have so many that I have been approved to read on NetGalley that I became a little overwhelmed and got myself into a little bit of a tizzy. I shall get there through one book at a time. It’s exciting really, and I am very grateful to be able to read such amazing books and then share my views with the rest of the world. It’s all I ever dreamed about doing and although I am nowhere near the stage I wish to make it to, I am enjoying the journey. I am very lucky that I am able to have spare time in order to read, I know I must sound very ungrateful I promise you I’m not, Life is good, it is to be cherished. Smile, laugh and love till you’re fit to burst.

Things I used to think about books when I was Ickle

  1. Why don’t they start with Hi or end with bye. I think I used to think this because I saw them as my friends still do!
  2. Finally an escape!
  3. I wish I could jump into this book
  4. The tv is far too loud why can’t it be silent
  5. Oh that was so funny! (usually about Mr Twiddle)
  6. I wonder what everyone else thinks about this book
  7. What can I read next
  8. Where do I get my next book from
  9. I want to make people smile like books make me smile
  10. Enid Blyton is amazing!

Did you like to read when you were younger? Let me know in the comments below!

Gilmore girls A year in the life – With spoilers

I am late to the party as usual,but that doesn’t stop my excitement. I have just finished watching all three episodes back to back and here were my thoughts

  • Rory doesn’t seem like Rory – Thats because she is now 32 years of age,although after the first episode she became much more Rory like!
  • You cannot be the other woman, you were not built to be the other woman.
  • You cannot treat another human being this way (Paul was that his name?) Rory could never do that
  • Where is babettes husband
  • Why is Dean only here for 10 seconds
  • SOOKIE hold on why isn’t she at the smaller wedding
  • Secret bar I love it!
  • I love how everything is basically the same
  • Oh come on I want to look at how the flat above lukes now looks
  • Taylor hasn’t found a boyfriend
  • Omg emily just said bullshit!
  • I miss Richard
  • Hehehe! Lanes dad hehe
  • Mrs Kim is the same as always
  • Let me see Lanes children whereeeee are they!
  • I really wanted to see Georgia!
  • Excuse me is that all we are going to see of April!
  • This is finishing far too soon
  • Why aren’t they eating in lukes? WHY
  • I wonder who wrote that letter then?
  • LIFE AND DEATH BRIGADE I love themmm
  • Chilton ❤
  • Ah Paris you haven’t changed a bit!

There is loads more to tell you but I believe thats enough for now otherwise I can go on forever! Let me know yours?

My issue with Soulmates by Holly Bourne – Spoiler alert

So today I have finished reading Soulmates by Holly Bourne. What an adventure that was,but I have a rather large problem with this book. Surprisingly enough it isn’t the ending,well of course I wasn’t overjoyed that they couldn’t be together in the end but that isn’t my major to do. My issue was the mental health side of things. So Noah has depression he suffers with depression and you get to hear a little bit about it when him and Poppy get together. Poppy suffers with panic attacks. As someone who suffers panic attacks and depression I of course was drawn in by these parts of the characters lives. To then read that the only reason Noah has depression and Poppy suffers with panic attacks is because they’ve been too close to one another was kind of like a slap in the face. To me personally it kind of felt like that then took away that whole part of the story. The part that I was rather invested in as I really wanted to know about how Noah learnt to cope with his bouts of depression and how Poppy learn’t to control her panic attacks and how they both grew with that. In my personal opinion I believe that the author didn’t need to make it so that these parts of the characters lives completely changed,I feel that it would have added more to the story to have had those things kept in and spoken about a lot more. This is just me though,and I completely understand that I am not everyone! Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? 16099393

Trouble by Non Pratt – Spoilers beware

I love how refreshing this book is it when it comes to reading about a teenage pregnancy. Hannah is 15 not with the father we find out,although we don’t find out who the father is until much much later on. She loves the attention boys give her and thinks nothing of sleeping with Fletch who she doesn’t even really like. She overthinks situations and deep down you learn to realise who she really is and who she would really like to be,instead of this reputation she and the rest of her school have given her. Along comes Aaron,son of the History teacher who has just moved from his old school but won’t give away any details of why. He’s detached and nothing like anyone that Hannah usually gives the time of day to. He has a different outlook on school and everyone around them from Hannah and in my opinion gives her another view on life. He steps up and offers to pretend to be the child’s father. Along the way we see Hannah struggle with the pregnancy and everyone else’s thoughts and feelings about her. We also get to know more about the mysterious Aaron.

I didn’t think I would enjoy this book because lets face it I am 26 years of age and relating to a 15 year old isn’t exactly my speciality but I loved it absolutely loved it. The only thing that really got me was the ending. I would have liked to have seen her enter into motherhood and see what happened with her studies. I would also have liked to have seen what happened with her and Aaron in the long run,did they end up together did he raise Hannah’s child as his own. I had hoped that maybe they’re had been a second book but alas nothing has popped up. I gave this book Four out of five stars,as you’ve guessed it lost a star because of the ending. I enjoyed this book and it has been one that has stuck in my head for ages afterwards.



Why I love to read

I have always loved to read for as long as I can remember. Curling up with a good book has been my most favourite thing to do. There are a thousand reasons why but I will give you just a few.

  • An escape from reality,life has dealt me some pretty shitty straws and some days I just want to run away. So I pick up a book.
  • You can live as many lives you want to,just pick up a book!
  • There is absolutely nothing that feels better than looking at all the books in the library
  • Maybe sitting at home and seeing all your collections is amazing too though!
  • There is absolutely nothing like a book boyfriend,I also have a real boyfriend,but book boyfriends are so amazing
  • I just love to curl up with a blanket,and a cup of tea,and just spend the afternoon reading and living in my own little world.

Some people love to have a life full of things to do,people to see,places to go. I love nothing more than to step into a book. Theres lots of things to do,plenty of people to meet and an endless amount of places to go.

What are some of your reasons for reading?